Shiba Inu, Bone prices outperform as Shiba Memu token sale thrives

Shiba Inu, Bone prices outperform as Shiba Memu token sale thrives

Shiba Inu and Bone Shibaswap have outperformed BTC and ETH.

They have all jumped by over 68% and 115% from the lowest level in June.

Shiba Memu has raised almost $2 million from investors.

Meme coins are doing relatively well, with some outperforming popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Shiba Inu price has jumped by over 68% from the lowest level in July while Bone Shibaswap has surged by over 115% in the same period. Large-cap coins like BTC and ETH, on the other hand, have remained in a tight range while drifting downwards.


Shibarium launch ahead 

Shiba Inu and Bone Shibaswap prices have done well in the past few weeks as investors wait for the upcoming Shibarium launch. Shibarium is an important technology that is designed to change how the Shibaswap ecosystem works.

For starters, ShibaSwap is a platform in Shiba Inu’s ecosystem that makes it possible for people to swap tokens and make money by staking. It is now powered by Ethereum, the biggest chain in the world. 

Ethereum has its own challenges, which explains why many layer-1 and layer-2 alternatives have come up. Some of the top L2 networks seeking to supercharge its ecosystem are Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum.

Shiabarium will be a layer-2 network whose goal will be to supecharge Shibaswap’s ecosystem by reducing its transaction fees and boosting its speed. Its testnet has attracted thousands of users and there is hope that the mainnet will be better.

Shibarium’s success will be a testament that a meme coin can create an ecosystem and thrive. 

Shiba Memu token sale booms

Bone Shibaswap and Shiba Inu are not the only meme coins that are thriving. Shiba Memu, a new meme coin is taking shape as its token sale has raised almost $2 million from investors. This makes its token sale one of the most successful in the industry.

Shiba Memu is aiming to take advantage of some of the most important themes in the market this year. It is combining the ongoing meme coin craze and the one on artificicial intelligence.

Its AI angle will involve concepts like Natural Language Processing (NLP), sentiment analysis, and image and video recognition. In its white paper, Shiba Memu says this about the use of NLP:

“AI-powered NLP algorithms can be used to analyze social media posts, forums and other online communities in order to identify discussions and topics relevant to Shiba Memu. This information can then be used to develop targeted marketing campaigns and engage with potential investors. Sentiment Analysis”

Is Shiba Memu a good investment?

It is too early to determine whether Shiba Memu will be a good long-term investment. As a result, you should do your own research about the ecosystem before investing. In my view, I believe that the token has the potential to become the next big thing in the crypto industry.

For one, its name has a close resemblance to Shiba Inu, the biggest meme coin in the world. Also, it has already gained traction even before its public debut as evidenced by the amount of money it has raised in a month. Most mportantly, it is targeting the biggest themes this year. You can buy the Shiba Memu token here.

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