$13M Presale Token IMPT Announces LBank & Uniswap Listings

$13M Presale Token IMPT Announces LBank & Uniswap Listings


Green crypto project IMPT announced plans to end its presale on December 12 after raising more than $13 million from token sales.

The end of the presale will be followed by an initial exchange offering (IEO) on Uniswap on December 14th.

This is major news for the IMPT community and the crypto community at large. IMPT has been one of the hottest new projects of the year and analysts expect that IMPT tokens could see a 10-fold jump in price after listing on Uniswap.

For one more week only, investors can buy IMPT at the low presale price of $0.023 per IMPT token. This is an incredible opportunity to get one of the best emerging crypto tokens of the year just days ahead of a major IEO.

One of the largest IEOs of the year

IMPT is expected to make its debut on the Uniswap exchange on December 14 – and many crypto analysts think the token will make quite a splash. The project has already raised more than $13 million through its token presale and demand for IMPT tokens has surged in recent days.

When the presale ends, any tokens that remain unsold as part of Phase 2 of the presale will be burnt. All of the tokens that were originally being held for Phase 3 will be locked for 12 months.

Those combined actions are expected to make IMPT tokens scarce and highly valuable right as IMPT hits the Uniswap exchange. Analysts have said that IMPT could surge from the current price of $0.023 to as high as $0.23 within days of the IEO. 

Uniswap is also the largest decentralized exchange. IMPT’s deal to list there bodes well for the IMPT investment community and the success of the IEO.

Shortly after the Uniswap listing, IMPT will also list on 2 major centralized exchanges: LBank and Changelly Pro. Listing on these CEXs will make IMPT even more accessible to crypto traders and investors and is expected to further boost the price of the token.

Ahead of the IEO, interest in IMPT’s presale is surging once again. There are only 500,000 tokens left available to purchase before the IEO and they could go quickly.

Join the IMPT presale today

Investors still have one last chance to buy IMPT tokens at presale prices. The presale will continue until December 12 or until the remaining tokens run out – which could happen in the next few days.

To buy IMPT during the presale. Connect a crypto wallet at IMPT today. Investors can buy IMPT with ETH, USDT, or a credit card.

All presale investors will be able to claim their tokens on December 12. IMPT trading doesn’t start on Uniswap until December 14, so that leaves plenty of time to prepare for the big price surge ahead.

Revolutionizing the fight against climate change

IMPT’s goal is to bring the fight against climate change onto the blockchain.

The project offers a portfolio of emissions-reducing projects such as solar farms and wind farms around the world. When investors purchase IMPT tokens, they can use their tokens to invest in specific green projects.

In return, investors earn carbon credits. These carbon credits can be sold on marketplaces around the world, like those in Europe and California, to generate a return for investors. In effect, investors in IMPT earn money while helping companies reduce their carbon footprints.

As an alternative, investors can burn their carbon credits in order to offset their own carbon footprints. As a reward, investors receive a limited-edition NFT that they can hold or trade. These NFTs feature unique artworks and are anticipated to increase in value over time.

The best part of IMPT’s system is that every token and carbon credit can be tracked through the blockchain. There’s no chance that carbon credits can be sold more than once or counted more than once, as is often the case in the traditional carbon credit market.

All of the eco-friendly projects that IMPT backs follow Global Certification Protocol standards.

10,000+ partner retailers in the IMPT marketplace

IMPT is also building a retail marketplace where individuals and businesses can offset their carbon footprints through everyday shopping.

When individuals shop through IMPT’s marketplace, businesses donate a portion of the purchase to eco-friendly projects in IMPT’s portfolio. That means that every purchase supports a project that reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

On top of that, IMPT is introducing a global scoring system to help individuals and businesses track their carbon reductions. Consumers can decide where to shop based on which businesses are doing the most to help the environment.

The marketplace has already attracted a number of major retailers including the e-commerce giant Amazon, tech companies Samsung and Microsoft, and retailers like Macy’s and Bloomingdales. Even pizza delivery will become greener thanks to IMPT – Dominos has signed on as an affiliate in the IMPT marketplace.

IMPT aims to sign up more than 10,000 retailers to its marketplace by the platform’s launch in 2023. Investors can check out the complete list of IMPT marketplace affiliates for more details.

A $30 trillion opportunity

In the long run, IMPT’s potential is massive. Broadridge Financial Solutions has estimated that the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) category as a whole will be worth $30 trillion by 2030.

Moreover, there’s little question that strong leadership and a new business model are needed for the fight against climate change.

IMPT is led by CEO Denis Creighton, an experienced business executive. The project’s use of the blockchain to track carbon credits promises a fundamental change in how the world approaches emissions reductions.

Only a few days left to buy IMPT at presale prices

IMPT is an eco-friendly project that’s bringing the fight against climate change onto the blockchain. The project will enable individuals and businesses alike to cut down their carbon footprints while investing in sustainable projects around the world.

The IMPT presale ends on December 12 – just a few days from now. Investors need to act quickly since the remaining presale tokens could run out before then.

This is investors’ last chance to buy IMPT tokens at presale prices and get in on what analysts predict could be a 10x return. The IMPT IEO is planned for December 14 on Uniswap.

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