Bitcoin (BTC) Price Slides as Inflation Is Going Up

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Slides as Inflation Is Going Up


Real-world economic performance undeniably impacts global cryptocurrency markets, with Bitcoin (BTC), the biggest crypto asset by market capitalization, proving an excellent guide to the health of the crypto industry. Recent increases in inflation worldwide, but particularly in the US, have seen the value of Bitcoin slide during the second half of 2022 as the global economic crisis takes hold.

While this isn’t great news for existing investors in the world’s leading cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, excellent investment opportunities in exciting new crypto projects remain. One of the most enticing new crypto projects is Metacade, which saw an enthusiastic uptake during its beta presale stage, raising almost $1 million in just three weeks.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is the world’s first virtual gaming arcade that uses Web3 and blockchain technology to revolutionize the GameFi metaverse industry. The platform will host the broadest range of play-to-earn (P2E) games in the metaverse and offer gamers the same level of fun and social interaction they’d get visiting a real-life video arcade from the comfort of their gaming chair or sofa.

The P2E element of the community is one of several ways community users benefit from the platform. The other revenue stream initiatives are:

Compete2Earn – earning by staking tokens and gaining tournament rewards
Create2Earn – earning by interacting with the community and its members
Work2Earn – earning through finding new Web3 role on the jobs board, which launches in Q1 2024.

In addition to the opportunities to earn, Metacade is a platform that allows budding developers to earn their stripes by supporting them to learn game development and has plans to become a self-sufficient and fully-fledged DAO by Q4 2024.

How Metacade works

Unlike many GameFi platforms, Metacade has a diverse offering that stretches beyond the P2E element. The native token for the platform is the MCADE coin, and there are several ways Metacade generates revenue.

Metacade’s revenue-generating features include a range of pay-to-play arcade games, just like gamers would expect to find in a real-world video arcade. There’s also advertising on the platform, entry fees for prize draws and to compete in tournaments, and the launchpad initiative, which allows external companies to release games in Metacade for a price. These revenue streams provide the funds that flow into gamers’ wallets as they earn rewards.

The number of titles available on Metacade will continue to grow. This growth will be aided from Q3 2023 by the introduction of the Metagrants initiative. Metagrants are a source of funding for developers to build games on the platform. Developers submit gaming proposals to be voted on by MCADE token holders, who determine the community’s favorite ideas. The winning developers will receive funding to help turn their proposals into reality. The first Metagrant-backed games hit the Metacade library in Q1 2024.

Other features in the pipeline include introducing a jobs board in Q1 2024 to boost the Work2Earn initiative. The board will feature a range of opportunities from internships, short-term gig work, and full-time roles within the GameFi industry with Metacade-approved partners, giving anyone with a genuine interest in working in Web3 development a helping hand to get started in the industry.

Meanwhile, Metacade’s transition into becoming a DAO begins in Q2 2023, with the process estimated to take 18 months before community members assume all of the critical roles. This autonomy is one of Metacade’s leading lights; it hands control of the platform’s future direction to the most important community members.

Why could MCADE surge?

The breadth of Metacade’s plans, found in more detail in their white paper, makes it an exciting prospect for investors hunting for new crypto projects. With many other GameFi developments focusing on a minimal range of options, it’s easy for them to become little more than a fad.

Metacade’s offering will not fall into that trap. The range of games on offer will continue to increase, providing additional opportunities to earn, whether through competitions, playing, or creating social content to engage with the community. Furthermore, the continual addition of new games means there’s no risk of the platform becoming boring or stale since it will continually reinvent itself with the regular release of new and exciting titles. As a result, Metacade has solid project longevity. 

Additionally, the community will ultimately have complete autonomy over how Metacade develops. Gamers’ interests will forever be at the heart of the platform’s development, unlike in more traditional gaming, where developers have to balance that with providing a return to shareholders.

These plans place Metacade at the forefront of the blockchain gaming revolution.

How to purchase MCADE tokens

The Metacade beta sale sold out in less than four weeks, making it one of the most attractive new crypto projects currently in its presale stage. The price will increase by more than double as  the ninth and final presale round concludes, raising a total market cap of $28 million.

Getting on board with Metacade couldn’t be simpler. Tokens can be purchased on Metacade’s website by anyone with a Wallet Connect-supported crypto wallet. 

You can purchase MCADE with ETH (Ethereum) or USDT (Tether). First, connect your wallet to Metacade’s website to access the DEX, and then accept the option to purchase MCADE with ETH or USDT.

You can buy BTC at eToro here.

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.


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