Here’s How Metacade (MCADE) Will Outpace Apecoin in 2023

Here's How Metacade (MCADE) Will Outpace Apecoin in 2023


Investors all across the crypto scene are reflecting deeply on a tough year, while actively seeking out opportunities for life-changing gains. It’s no surprise that some more established projects like ApeCoin are being carefully looked at, but it’s a newcomer, Metacade, that’s really starting to shake things up.

Keep reading to learn more and see if the Metacade and ApeCoin price predictions below can help shed some light on the best investment for your hard-earned cash.

What is Metacade?

Metacade has taken on the world of gaming, looking to establish a new community that fuses together the best of both gaming and crypto into an immersive experience – allowing gamers and crypto lovers to connect with one another while playing their favorite games.

Metacade has set out to provide gamers with a one-stop shop for all their gaming needs. Most importantly, Metacade features a play-to-earn arcade with aspirations for a huge number of titles, allowing users to earn rewards in the process — including through competitive play in tournaments and other ways of engaging with the community. The project also supports staking for token holders, allowing MCADE holders to earn a passive income while contributing to the ecosystem. 

How does Metacade work? 

Metacade uses the MCADE token throughout its platform. It is required to enable much of the functionality; for access to games, as well as for entry into competitive gaming tournaments and prize draws.

Easily the most novel element is Metagrants, where funding for metaverse game development will be up for grabs to talented game designers. Token holders within Metacade’s community can vote for which projects are funded and later could even earn rewards for testing the very games they supported. All of this is to take place thanks to one of the platform’s core philosophies of Work2Earn.

The team behind Metacade is working towards achieving full DAO governance by Q4 2024. This will involve handing over key roles and responsibilities to the Metacade community so that it becomes a fully community-staffed business, and to ensure the project measures up to the high standards required in Web3, Metacade has submitted its specification, smart contract, and team for a Certik audit.

Metacade looks set to be an incredible investment opportunity, with all signs pointing towards a bright future ahead and with huge potential for both developers and gamers alike looking for new opportunities on Web3 platforms.

MCADE Price Prediction General

MCADE is the powerful utility token used throughout the Metacade platform. Aside from the staking transactions, it also provides two wide-ranging use cases: as a medium of exchange and within the Metacade rewards system.

The value element of MCADE means that as adoption increases, the need for more MCADE to be held by the user base increases – as more users look to play games, developers seek funding, as well as the host of other gaming activities facilitated by the Metacade ecosystem.

The retention of users is aided through the rewards offered on the platform, further strengthened by the security and transaction fee benefits that come with being on the Ethereum network. All of it means the project is likely to continue to build momentum, putting sustained buying pressure on the MCADE token.

In light of these factors, it seems clear that the price of MCADE is likely to increase significantly. This is likely to occur as soon as 2023 due to the exciting roadmap deliverables, of both the classic arcade launch and the awarding of the first Metagrant. As more users begin to see the exciting reality of the platform and FOMO kicks in, a price prediction of 30x from the presale is not out of the question.

As for a price prediction further into the future, it’s useful to look at the market cap for projects like The Sandbox, which comfortably achieved a $6 billion market cap in 2021 despite a small user base. As such, a $20 billion market cap for Metacade is achievable if their vision continues to stay on course over the next few years, meaning the price could increase 1,000x to $10.

ApeCoin Price Prediction General

ApeCoin is relatively new itself, having launched in March 2022, and has been adopted by popular NFT releases Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC). The Bored Ape ecosystem focuses on NFTs and especially collectables and art.

The ambition of ApeCoin, run by the community through a DAO, is to try to allow community governance to provide an art-first ecosystem that can provide value to creative industries.

The ApeCoin price prediction is difficult, but with so many unknowns and regulatory concerns in the US, it’s hard to see a dramatic price rise. Indeed, if ApeCoin can rise by 20% in 2023 to $4.60, that would be deemed a big success for the project — hence why many believe Metacade will likely surpass the well-known project sooner rather than later. 

Metacade – Set to see dramatic price rises

The challenges facing APE make the ApeCoin price prediction sobering, but there’s still a chance of a reasonable amount of upside. In contrast, it’s hard to ignore the potential that Metacade offers. Reviewing the Metacade and ApeCoin price predictions leaves all rational investors with only one real choice for life-changing gains.

It’s no wonder that Metacade, even in its early stages, is attracting so much attention from crypto communities. With stage 1 of the presale underway, the MCADE tokens available are likely to have been secured by savvy investors very soon.

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.


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