Slap Sam Bankman-Fried With a Cucumber and Earn Free Crypto

Slap Sam Bankman-Fried With a Cucumber to Take Out Frustrations (And Earn Crypto)


Drama Labs, an “Entertain-to-Earn” company, has launched an application where users can earn tokens for slapping a caricature of Sam Bankman-Fried. The team is also encouraging an FTX movie written by the internet.

The crypto community has found a new way to vent their frustrations over Sam Bankman-Fried — by virtually slapping an avatar. The “Slap SBF” is a new service brought to you by Drama Labs. Users can earn the DRAMA crypto by clicking on the caricature of SBF to slap it with a cucumber.

Slap SBF: Drama Labs

It’s a joke platform, of course, intended to add some levity to what is quite a serious situation. Many crypto community members liken the experience to the flash games of the internet in the 2000s.

Crypto community members are taking to the website and joyously slapping the SBF portrait. While some may see it as a pointless exercise with no practical value, many agree that it is harmless fun.

Drama Labs, the team behind Slap SBF, is an “Entertain-to-Earn” ecosystem that designs applications like the one just mentioned. It essentially channels some of the most intense feelings of the crypto community into applications like Slap SBF.

Whether Drama’s plans will take off, time will tell. However, for the moment, the DRAMA token is making rounds on social media. The drama of FTX collapse is certainly doing the same.

DRAMA Tokens for S***posting and SBF Slapping

As an “Entertain-to-Earn” application, slapping SBF with a cucumber does give users the DRAMA token. Drama Labs describes it as “create drama, earn DRAMA.” The whole ecosystem is essentially a tokenized version of s***posting.

There are four ways to earn the DRAMA token: “raiding tweets” from the FTX movie, s***posting, staking Outcast Academy NFTs, and simply buying the token. There is also the chance to win a prize by holding 500 DRAMA tokens.

The team behind Drama Labs is the same one behind FourFront, “the first fictional TikTok universe.” The team also created the aforementioned Solana-based NFT project Outcast Academy.

Drama Labs introduces DOWN BAD: The FTX movie

The Drama Labs website also mentions “DOWN BAD: The FTX Movie.” It claims that this movie will be written by the internet and ‘memed into existence.’ The script for the movie will use “tweets, memes and bats*** theories” to “create the most unhinged crypto film.”

The crypto community, as mentioned, isn’t too opposed to the jovial drama that Drama Labs is fostering. What the latter is attempting will require heavy engagement from the community, so their reaction is paramount. In the meantime, it appears that the community is, in fact, finding some humor in the whole situation.


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