Top Cryptocurrencies to Purchase in Q4

Top Cryptocurrencies to Purchase in Q4


The crypto market has seen exponential growth throughout 2022. However, there have also been multiple crashes that have destroyed many crypto enthusiasts’ portfolios and trust in the crypto market.

In the wake of the volatility of the crypto market, this editorial piece will examine five cryptocurrencies that could offer explosive returns through Q4.

Many cryptocurrencies are still existing in their presale stages and have exciting developments and action plans, making them worth signing up for. Big Eyes Coin, Runfy Token, Rocketize Token, and Dogeliens are four exciting coins that are destined for greatness on the crypto market. With the year drawing to a close, there is no better time to get involved with new and exciting projects.

With the world of crypto also comes old reliables like Dogecoin, which has had quite a year and we will discuss why this coin and the four others listed above are powerhouses for the crypto market.

Booming of the Big Eyes Coin

The crypto cathouse is reaching new heights in its presale stages by earning over $11 million with plenty of its features and functionalities still pending.

The platform is promoting plenty of exciting elements to the platform which include the likes of NFT developments and charity wallets which will be responsible for monthly donations to sustainable charities.

The feline-friendly platform has been designed to create a space for people to connect and share their matching interests, as well as enjoy internet meme content and learn everything there is to know about crypto.

The joys of presale coins like Big Eyes Coin allow investors to see their profit grow and feel secure in their purchases due to the volatility of the market.


Runfy token is changing finance for good

The Runfy platform is a unique space committed to inspiring users to indulge in exercising and empowering them by making them take full control of their well-being. They are combining blockchain and cryptocurrency and creating a unique space in the fitness industry where people can earn financial rewards whilst they train.

By decentralizing the health and fitness industry, Runfy Token is taking away the power from traditional and bigger centralized corporations. They are making sure that when you invest, health is your wealth!Website

Do not dodge Dogeliens

The woofing-good decentralized platform is wanting to provide people with a fun and interactive cryptocurrency. Wanting to continue the hype of meme coins and being inspired by the iconic Dogecoin, Dogeliens wishes to invade the Metaverse with new exciting games and educational content.

It aims to further educate ‘earthlings’ on the wonders of crypto and to hopefully get more people involved, showing them that cryptocurrencies can be extremely interactive and enjoyable!Website

Reach the sky with Rocketize

The Rocketize metaphorical ship has a team that owns the whole token. The Rocketize community is leading the platform with whole ownership and also looks after the trade exchanges which support the coin. Bigger decisions are not made by the community. However, they have a large say in the running of the platform and contribute to the growth of the economy.

Rocketize is all about its community and prioritizes expanding its talent pool and therefore allowing the investors involved to have more control over their finances and decisions.

The beauty of presales continues through this as the risk of ranking poorly on the market does not exist, the price only goes up, therefore, increasing the value and excitement around the coin itself. Why wouldn’t you want to invest?Website

Dogecoin paving the way for crypto memes

The famous dog-themed crypto coin Dogecoin has made meme history by creating a genre in the cryptocurrency world that many adore. The world of internet memes and crypto has joined together with this infamous platform and changed the game.

The open-source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency utilizes blockchain technology in a highly secure space and creates a space for those with similar interests wanting to learn all about dog memes, crypto and the rest!

The ethos of Dogecoin promotes its amazingly vibrant community made up of friendly individuals maintaining the platform. This highlights the importance of the crypto communities and why being involved in them before the year is up is an innovative and forward-thinking idea.


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