Ukraine Outlets Offer Exclusive Content Behind an NFT Paywall

Ukraine Outlets Offer Exclusive Content Behind an NFT Paywall

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Three Ukrainian news outlets have partnered with Vault, a non-fungible token (NFT) platform, to offer exclusive content from within the country but behind an NFT paywall, requiring those interested to buy an “NFT key” in order to gain access.

The three outlets are Ukrainska Pravda, Novoye Vremya, and NGO broadcaster Hromadske, which have seen a huge uptick in their audience since the war broke out.

The outlets seek to sell a limited number of “NFT keys” that would give holders access to a digital vault of exclusive, curated, and original content, Press Gazette reported.


According to Vault, there will be 10,000 keys in the form of NFTs, each up for sale for SOL 1.12 (USD 98.5). At the time of writing, 9968 keys were available, suggesting that 32 keys have been sold.

Users who purchase the keys will gain access to “curated content across the publications’ teams of journalists and photographers” in addition to “photos, videos, links to stories, and recommended readings.”

Proceeds from the sales of keys will “support efforts to deliver reporting and sustain operations,” the company said, which will be able to raise USD 985,500 if all keys are sold out.

As the war in Ukraine is on the brink of entering its third week, the need for media publications providing up-to-date content from the ground is increasing, and it’s becoming more difficult.

Sevgil Mysayeva, editor-in-chief of Ukrainska Pravda, claimed that in the first few days of the invasion the outlet “was the second most popular website in Ukraine after Google.”

“About eight million people around the world read us every day. We feel our responsibility to inform the world about the current situation in Ukraine truthfully and in time,” Mysayeva added.

Last week, Ukraine’s official Twitter account said that they would sell NFTs to support the country’s armed forces instead of continuing with the previously announced airdrop.


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